[NP020E] Technical Note, March 1884


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[NP020E] Technical Note, March 1884

Editor's Notes

[SELECTABLE, at least in part] TAE In Florida Notes: "It strikes me after much analysis that the future for direct conversion is the placing of finely divided metal on one plate & a peroxide on the other by rapid mechanical means the placing of these plates in [---] & the reducing of the perox & the oxidation of the metal giving the electricity---- afterwards raising the lower oxide to a per by chemical means & the reduction of the monoxide to metal by gaseous reduction with heat & [several illeg words]. Contines with several pages of experiments to try. Image 9: "exhaustion: platinized surface to carbon, per[----] mercury on carbon. Try common print cloth dipped in solution of linseed oil in which is mixed Iodide cadmium crystals fine, then dry by centrifugeal to give a silk surface. Several blank pages, then "Soak flax & manilla in water day or so blot & then freeze to bust it all into filamnets. Look into Experimental research book to see what essential it was that dissolved paper." "see if silk can be disolved & if it will combine with glue(?), rubber, resins, etc"
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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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