[X154A8AM], Letter from Sigmund Bergmann to Uriah Hunt Painter, March 6th, 1889



My Dear Painter I wish you would let me know immediately whether you will be here this week or not. I wish to see you very soon, not only on other matters but also and especially about the Phonograph matter. I have seen the letter which you wrote to Reiff and I consider that it calls for an explanation from you. I do not like to think that anyone with whom I have such intimate dealings as I have with you would put into writing such a statement of my way of doing business. It was to say the very least exceedingly ill advised and it looks to me as if Edison's prophesy that the whole transaction woul in the future be a source of regret to me, was coming true very rapidly, if indeed it is not already time.##I have also Reiff's letter to Johnson on the matter and according to it, there is doubt in his mind as to my being entitled to the profits I made in it, and if the same doubt exists in your mind I would like to know to whom the money belongs, whehter to Edison, Johnson, Reiff or yourself, and I will settle the whole business very quickly. I tell you that I am very sorry I ever had anything to do with it. Yours very truly S. Bergmann








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[X154A8AM], Letter from Sigmund Bergmann to Uriah Hunt Painter, March 6th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University