Notebook #2 N-78-11-22 (1878-1879)



Notebook #2 N-78-11-22 (1878-1879)


This notebook covers the period November 1878-June 1879. Most of the entries are by Charles Batchelor and Francis Upton. There are also entries by Edison and John Kruesi. The name of Martin Force appears occasionally as a witness. Almost all of the material relates to experiments on electric lighting. Included are notes and drawings of spiral filaments; tests of filaments brought to incandescence with batteries and generators; notes, drawings, and calculations about generators; drawings of a MacCleod gauge; and notes by Edison on another inventor\'s arc light patent. There are also drawings of the telephone, notes on chalk and carbon buttons, and a memorandum by Edison on Frank McLaughlin\'s prospecting trip to the Chandiere River in Canada. The book contains 262 numbered pages.

Blank pages: 48-49, 112-115, 118-131, 136-137, 158-201, 206-224, 227, 230-262.

Missing page numbers: 225-226.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.