Notebook #15 N-78-12-20.3 (1878-1879)



Notebook #15 N-78-12-20.3 (1878-1879)


This notebook covers the period December 1878-July 1879. Most of the entries are by Francis Upton. There are also entries by Edison and Charles Batchelor. The first page is inscribed \"Journal Francis R. Upton Dec. 20, 1878,\"" and page two is inscribed \""Dec.15. These problems given to me when I first came into the laboratory.\"" The first twenty-eight pages contain notes, drawings, and calculations relating to these early problems with electric lighting. Interspersed are notes by Upton on electricity, magnetism, light, heat, the nature of scientific progress, and Edison\'s work on quadruplex telegraphy; notes on experiments with a spectroscope; and notes on an electrometer. Similar material can be found in Menlo Park Notebook #10. There are also notes, drawings, and calculations on lamps and generators; calculations on thermopiles and batteries; extensive notes by Upton on the gas light industry in Europe and New York, taken from gas light journals for May and July 1879; notes by Batchelor on carbon; and sketches of the telephone. The label on the front cover is marked \""Journal,\"" \""Gas,\"" and \""Upton.\"" The book contains 282 numbered pages.

Blank pages: 68-81, 86-87, 148-282."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.