Notebook #26 N-79-02-20.1 (1879)



Notebook #26 N-79-02-20.1 (1879)


The dated entries in this notebook covers the period February-July 1879. Most of the entries are by Francis Upton. There are also entries by Edison, John Ott, and Francis Jehl. Most of the material relates to electric lighting experiments. Included are extensive calculations by Upton about generators and electric power distribution, notes and drawings of lamps and generators, and calculations and drawings of meters. There are also tests of batteries and drawings of telephones. At the end of the book are notes relating to meter experiments, most of which probably date from November 1879; a few may date from December 1879 or early 1880.The label on the front cover is marked \"Upton\"" and \""Chem. Labor.\"" The book contains 284 numbered pages.

Blank pages: 54-55, 112-115, 124-129, 136-153, 170-171, 238-245, 250-255, 258-279."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.