Notebook #37 N-79-07-07.1 (1879-1880)



Notebook #37 N-79-07-07.1 (1879-1880)


This notebook covers the period July 1879-May 1880. Most of the entries are by Francis Upton. There are also entries by Edison. The book contains numerous notes by Upton relating to articles in technical journals, including notes on an article by John Hopkinson on generators, which appeared in the May 9, 1879 issue of Engineering, and draft letters to the editor by Edison and Upton concerning this article. There are also notes, calculations, and occasional drawings relating to dynamos and electric power distribution; notes by Upton on a proposal by the Holly Water Works Co. to supply engines; and notes on \"Laws of Winding Dynamo Machines.\"" The label on the front cover is marked \""Upton,\"" \""Statement as to power & c,\"" and \""Electric Light.\"" The book contains 284 numbered pages.

Blank pages: 42-43, 136-139, 230-231, 236-237, 248-249, 260-283."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.