Notebook #48 N-79-07-05 (1879-1880)



Notebook #48 N-79-07-05 (1879-1880)


This notebook covers the period July 1879-July 1880. Most of the entries are by Francis Upton. Included are notes on motors and \"laws of winding motors;\"" notes, drawings, calculations, and tests of lamps and meters; notes, drawings, and calculations about electric power distribution; and notes on experiments to determine the discharge from a magnet. There are also a few notes by Edison on filament experiments. The label on the front cover is marked \""Motors & Meters\"" and \""Upton.\"" The book contains 273 numbered pages followed by 7 unnumbered pages. Pages 8-11 and 54-55 are blank; pages 17-18 are missing.\n\n

The unnumbered pages at the end of the book consist of a series of cost estimates that are continued on pages 275-277 and 280-281 of Menlo Park Notebook #39 (N-79-11-21). These cost estimates were published as Doc. 1958 in The Papers of Thomas A. Edison, Vol. 5. For the sake of completeness, three images from Notebook #39 immediately follow the last image in this notebook."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.