Notebook #68 N-80-03-19 (1880)



Notebook #68 N-80-03-19 (1880)


This notebook covers the period March-August 1880. It was used by Ludwig Boehm to keep a record of glassblowing work that he performed for the laboratory staff. Most of the entries relate to vacuum pumps. Many contain the name of the staff member who requested the work. There are also a few entries by George H. Hill, Samuel D. Mott, and Francis Upton. On page 75 is a caricature by Upton of the incandescent lamp, with the inscription \"I shed the light of my shining countenance for $15,000 per share.\"" The inside front cover is inscribed: \""March 19th 1880 Ludwig K Bohm\"" and \""G H Hill Menlo Park.\"" The book contains 264 numbered pages. Pages 27-28 and 33-36 were removed and used as Edison\'s exhibits in the patent interference case of Boehm v. Edison.

Blank pages: 220-247, 250-261.

Missing page numbers: 27-28, 33-36."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.