Notebook #105 N-80-06-02 (1880)



Notebook #105 N-80-06-02 (1880)


This notebook covers the period June-August 1880. Most of the entries are by Charles Batchelor. There are also a few entries by Neal Van Cleve. The first few pages contain a record of carbons, kept by Van Cleve. Following this are notes and drawings by Batchelor relating to carbon experiments; notes and drawings of a bamboo splitter, a clamp-making machine, and an instrument for attaching carbons; notes on \"faults to be looked for\"" when testing carbons; drawings of a lamp socket; and notes and drawings of insulation for a dynamo armature. The book contains 284 numbered pages. Pages 137-138 were torn out of the book and taped in between pages 92 and 93. Pages 16-19 contain skeleton tables that were never filled in. These tables have not been selected.

Blank pages: 118-133, 142-239, 242, 247-266, 277, 280-281.

Missing page numbers: 3-4, 99-100, 137-138, 243-246, 267-276."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.