Notebook #153 N-80-09-11 (1880-1881)



Notebook #153 N-80-09-11 (1880-1881)


This notebook covers the period September 1880-Nebruary 1881. Most of the entries are by Edward H. Johnson and John Ott. There are also a few entries by Edison and Charles Batchelor Most of the material relates to experiments by Johnson, aided by Ott, to develop fixtures for use by consumers of the electric light. Included are notes, drawings, and instructions regarding the design of chandeliers, sockets, and interior wiring. There are also notes and drawings by Ott relating to experiments on an electric meter; drawings by Edison of the electric railroad; and drawings and notes by Batchelor on copperplating carbons in order to clamp them to lead-in wires. The cover is labeled \"3. F. Ott. Meter\"" and \""Socket.\"" The book contains 282 numbered pages.

Blank pages: 134-139, 198-274, 277-278, 281.

Missing page numbers: 35-36, 275-276, 279-280."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.