Notebook #191 N-81-01-21 (1881)



Notebook #191 N-81-01-21 (1881)


This is one of six notebooks that were probably begun on January 10, 1881. It contains essays and notes by Edison and Edward H. Johnson on gas lighting and electricity, which appear to be related to Edison\'s proposed book on electric light and power. (See Menlo Park Notebook #184.) There is also a draft of a letter from Edison to Uriah H. Painter asking him to obtain publications of the Bureau of Statistics, including industrial statistics from the new census. A note indicates that the letter was written on January 21, 1881. The label on the front cover is marked \"notes & mem. of phrases.\"" The book contains 284 numbered pages. The pagination is irregular; some page numbers are duplicated while others are missing.

Blank pages and missing page numbers: 6-7, 28-229, 231-249, 251-261, 263-281, 283."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.