Notebook #203 N-82-05-15 (1882, 1884)



Notebook #203 N-82-05-15 (1882, 1884)


This notebook covers the periods May-December 1882, July 1884, and October 1884. The entries are by Edison, Martin N. Force, and John Ott. Most of the entries are notes and drawings relating to storage battery experiments, including a set of notes by Edison on the direct production of electricity from carbon in batteries. There are also notes and drawings of filament experiments, notes on insulating commutator brushes with Plaster of Paris, notes and drawings of telephone experiments, and notes on an electric light plant in New York.\n\n

There are no entries between July 31, 1884 and October 8, 1884, most likely because of the interruption of work resulting from the final illness and death of Edison\'s first wife, Mary Stilwell Edison. The entry for October 8 includes one page in the handwriting of Marion Edison, who spent considerable time with her father during the months immediately following her mother\'s death. \n\n

The label on the front cover is marked \"Menlo Park\"" and \""M N F.\"" The book contains 278 numbered pages.

Blank pages: 82-103, 136-137, 184-185, 218-271, 274-277."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.