Notebook #206 N-81-03-09 (1881-1883)



Notebook #206 N-81-03-09 (1881-1883)


This notebook covers the periods March-April 1881, August 1882, and January 1883. All of the entries are by Edison. Some of the entries were witnessed by John Ott. Most of the material relates to electric lighting. Included are notes and drawings of automatic voltage regulators, electric meters, dynamos, conductors, distribution systems, and chemically treated filaments. Included also are notes from various works on chemistry and drawings of telephone devices. The book contains 276 numbered pages. The last few pages have been torn out of the book.

Blank pages: 22-23, 36-39, 148-149, 152-155, 166-167, 172-173, 176-177, 182-183, 188-192, 197-203, 230-247, 250-275.

Missing page numbers: 157-158, 163-164, 185-186, 193-196, 207-208, 211-216.

The following pages were published as Doc. 2324 in The Papers of Thomas A. Edison, Vol. 6: 65-81, 91-125, 129-145."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.