Notebook, N-02-10-10 (ca. 1895-1902)



Notebook, N-02-10-10 (ca. 1895-1902)


[The following Part III notebook appears in the Supplement Series in Thomas A. Edison Papers: A Selective Microfilm Edition, Part IV (1899-1910). The images for Part IV have not yet been digitized. If the "List Documents" button at the bottom of the note is used, a list of document records associated with this notebook will be displayed. However, no images will be displayed if the "Show Documents" button at the top of the list is used. To see the location of this item in the Series Notes for Part III, use the \""Which Series Notes?\"" button.]

This notebook was probably begun in the late 1890s, although the only dated entry is from 1902. The entries are primarily by Edison. Most of the book consists of numbered entries relating to chemicals or chemical compounds being tested for either squirted filaments or insulation. These entries are most likely from October 1898 and contain a few notations by an unidentified experimenter. Also included is one page of notes on x-ray experiments, possibly from 1896. The one dated entry, from December 1902, is a brief note on a storage battery experiment. At the end of the book are a few drawings of ore milling equipment and phonographs, along with some miscellaneous calculations. The pages are unnumbered, and at least one page has been removed from the book. Approximately 60 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.