N-01-07-01.2 (1901, 1903)



N-01-07-01.2 (1901, 1903)


This notebook contains dated entries from July 1901 and February 1903. All entries are by Edison. At the beginning of the book are notes and drawings relating to storage battery experiments. The following entries pertain to thermoelectric battery experiments, the production of electricity directly from coal, and experiments regarding potential unseen forces such as \"xyz rays.\"" Included is an idea for generating forces by substituting the iron core of a generator with other material, along with notations about methods for photographically recording these forces. Also included is an entry in which Edison proposes an experiment on the \""6th sense,\"" as well as an idea for recording phonograph cylinders by chemical action. Near the end of the book are drawings of what appears to be a cement processing or an ore milling plant and a one-page note for a traveling motion picture exhibition. The pages are unnumbered, and several pages have been removed from the book. Approximately 80 pages have been used.




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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.