N-11-06-07.1 (1911-1913)



N-11-06-07.1 (1911-1913)


This notebook was used by Edison during June 1911 and January-May 1913. The entries from 1911 primarily involve the regeneration of old positive electrode tubes from Edison storage batteries. Included are lists of individually numbered tubes soaked in various chemical solutions, with the appearance of the tubes and solutions indicated. The entries from 1913 primarily involve the composition and manufacture of phonograph records. Included are formulas for \"blueing\"" blue amberol records and for \""grafiting\"" submaster records. There are also notes on tests of several hundred numbered preparations of Condensite varnishes, followed by a discussion of a series of \""grafiting\"" and \""silvering\"" experiments aimed at better electrolytic deposits in the record manufacturing process. Toward the back of the book is an undated group of entries, probably from 1913, describing experiments with different preparations of wax to be used in making the submasters. The front cover is labeled \""Condensite,\"" with \""Regeneration Battery\"" crossed out. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 160 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.