N-13-08-14.2 (1913)


N-13-08-14.2 (1913)

This notebook was used during the period August-October 1913. The entries are by Edison and an unidentified experimenter, possibly Sherwood T. (Sam) Moore. Included are notes pertaining to the printing and transfer processes involved in disc record manufacture and to the composition and preparation of record blanks. The entries at the beginning of the book describe problems experienced in record production and include Edison\'s proposal for a new \"Inspection system for powder blank & Varnish Dept.\"" The notes that follow pertain to experiments involving transfers made with experimental varnishes onto experimental record blanks. Edison\'s notes on the results of the transfers are accompanied by comments and observations regarding the progress of experimentation and also include instructions for Moore. Following these entries are notes by an unidentified employee [not selected] continuing the experiments on transfers. These entries, entitled \""Ailsworth Exp.,\"" run from August 29 to September 29 and describe work with the \""213 powder blank\"" and various varnishes in an effort to improve the quality of the transfers. The entries by Edison at the end of the book describe a series of transfer experiments with variations in production schedules. These are continued in N-13-11-22. Edison\'s notes indicate that employees Jonas Walter Aylsworth and Archie D. Hoffman assisted him in some instances. The front cover is labeled \""Disc Record.\"" The book contains 54 numbered pages, some of which are blank, followed by approximately 60 unnumbered pages."

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