N-13-11-22 (1913)



N-13-11-22 (1913)


This notebook was used by Edison during November-December 1913; one entry contains notations by an unidentified experimenter. The entries relate to a sequence of experiments, numbered from 15 to 90, which continue the experiments in N-13-08-14.2. They pertain primarily to the printing and transfer processes involved in disc record manufacture. Included are notes and results from experimental batches of transfers made according to different production schedules, different varnish compositions, or different preparations of the record blanks. Also included are descriptions of the various scrapers used in the preparation of the record blanks. Entry 55 directs Sherwood T. (Sam) Moore that \"for present this is our Transfer & Printing Schedules.\"" Another entry describes Charles Dally\'s \""slot screen\"" experiments, which were intended to improve the quality of the screening of powder for the powder blanks. At the end of the book is an entry on the testing of \""Dinwiddie\'s grafited tracked White Masters.\"" The notes indicate that Walter H. Miller and Ernest C. Richter also assisted in the experiments. Inserted into the book are two loose pages of related notes by Edison. The front cover is labeled \""Disc Records.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 150 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.