N-14-04-26 (1914)



N-14-04-26 (1914)


This notebook contains dated entries from April and May 1914, but it may have continued to be used as late as July. The entries, which are all by Edison, pertain to experiments aimed at the rejuvenation or \"regeneration\"" of used storage battery components. The entries toward the beginning of the book deal mainly with the nickel flake and nickel hydrate mix from old positive electrode \""tubes.\"" Included are lists of chemical compounds, along with results of tests performed on cells constructed with various regenerated tubes. The entries in the middle of the book deal with the iron from old negative electrode \""pockets.\"" There is also one page of crossed-out notes on the manufacture of disc records. The battery experiments bear sequential numbers, 125-141 and 142E-240E. Experiments 129-184E involve various chemical compounds that were prepared by Ludwig (Louis) Ott and used to treat old nickel. These chemicals are described in N-13-10-05. Some of the cells produced in experiments 142E-240E were apparently transferred to the Edison Storage Battery Co. at Silver Lake for continued testing. Their subsequent performance is tabulated in N-14-12-14.1, and the sequence of experiments is continued in N-14-12-03. Inserted into the book are two reports from July 9, 1914. One, addressed to Edison by John V. Miller at the Edison Chemical Works, reports on experimental pockets prepared for experiments 240E and 250E-252E. The other, addressed to Robert Bachman, describes several experimental pockets prepared for Edison. The front cover is labeled \""Somewhat Important\"" and \""Regenerate No One.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 120 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.