N-14-08-07 (1914)


N-14-08-07 (1914)

This notebook was used during the period August-September 1914. It is the second of a four-book series, preceded by N-14-04-30 and continued by N-14-09-30. All of the entries are by Edison, except for some small notations by Sherwood T. (Sam) Moore. Many of the entries relate to the transfer and printing processes involved in disc record manufacture. Included are notes describing results obtained with various experimental varnish compounds. Also included are entries on the synthesizing of phenol (one of the ingredients in varnish) from benzol. These experiments were necessitated by shortages of chemicals formerly purchased from Germany. A notation by Edison complains that he was \"Forced to this improvement by the War -- Thus science triumphs over art.\"" Also included is information on the amount of carbolic acid on hand as of August 26, 1914, and the cost of chemicals from the General Chemical Co. Additional entries pertain to experiments by Charles T. Dally on patching discard records (cracked or not filled) with varnish and to distillation experiments by Jonas Walter Aylsworth and William Walter Dinwiddie. Entries toward the end of the book include an extended description of problems with varnish, as well as tabulated results obtained with experimental varnish compounds in July-September 1914. These results include notations of the varnish lot number, the weather, and the percent of successful transfers. The notes indicate that Archie D. Hoffman assisted Edison with his experiments. The front cover is labeled \""No 2 Disc.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 150 pages have been used."

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