N-14-10-10.1 (1914)



N-14-10-10.1 (1914)


This notebook, which is a continuation of N-14-12-03, contains dated entries from October 1914. All entries are by Edison and pertain to experiments aimed at the rejuvenation or \"regeneration\"" of used storage batteries. Included are the results of tests performed on cells constructed with various regenerated or experimental negative electrode \""pockets.\"" There are entries relating to pockets reconstructed with treated iron or formed using different crimping dies, as well as other pockets containing cobalt, cadmium, or small amounts of mercury. Many of the experiments bear the numbers 333E-424E, but not all numbers in the sequence are represented (some missing experiment numbers are detailed in N-12-02-00). Some of the cells produced in these experiments were apparently transferred to the Edison Storage Battery Co. at Silver Lake for continued testing. Their subsequent performance is tabulated in N-14-12-14.2 (see Notebooks by Edison and Other Experimenters -- Storage Battery). Inserted into the book is a report by John V. Miller summarizing the electrical capacity and loading weights of the nickel hydrate and the iron mix manufactured for Edison storage batteries between March 1911 and October 1914. The front cover is labeled \""Regeneration No 3.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 35 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.