N-16-11-06.1 (1916)



N-16-11-06.1 (1916)


This notebook was used by Edison during the period November-December 1916. The first entry, entitled \"Dinwiddie Expt,\"" lists twelve organic compounds, each with the notation \""Sulfonate Calcium.\"" Additional entries at the beginning of the book pertain to lamp black and other ingredients used in disc record manufacture and to problems with the use of lamp black in record blanks. Several groups of entries in the middle of the book relate to a series of chemical syntheses and separation experiments involving amino phenol, zinc, and \""myrbane\"" (oil of mirbane, or nitrobenzene, used in the manufacture of anilines for textile dyeing.) Inserted into the book is a note by chemist Richard G. Berger, which contains instructions for the preparation of \""brown P-Amino Phenol of Permanent Color from Black Product\"" and a chemical equation expressing one of the reactions involved. The front cover is labeled \""Disc Record Dinwiddie Expts. 1916.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 25 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.