N-17-02-14 (1917)


N-17-02-14 (1917)

This notebook was used by Edison in February and March 1917 to record research performed for the U.S. Navy during World War I. This work was probably done in connection with Edison\'s attempts at aiding submarine detection. The notes describe a series of experiments, numbered from 1 to 51, aimed at amplifying sound. Included are descriptions of the equipment used and of various arrangements of apparatus at the laboratory. Most of the experiments involve attempts to amplify and measure the sound of a phonograph playing a continuous note within a soundproof box. The box was equipped with different transmitting devices, most of which employed audions in circuits with induction coils and condensers. The transmitters were connected to telephone receivers. Edison\'s notes indicate that he was assisted at times by Miller Reese Hutchison, Absalom M. Kennedy, and other laboratory employees. Notes by Kennedy on related experiments can be found in N-Undated.6 and N-17-03-06, Notebooks by Other Experimenters -- Navy and World War I Experiments. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 40 pages have been used.

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