N-19-05-28 (1919)


N-19-05-28 (1919)

This notebook was used by Edison during the period May-June 1919. The entries pertain to electroplating, electrolytic cleaning, and dip cleaning experiments performed as part of his efforts to improve the commercial manufacturing processes involved in making disc records—efforts that included attempts to reuse master matrices for making more generations of molds from one recording. Some of these experiments involved depositing films onto copper record molds; others involved stripping those films and cleaning the molds. Among the deposits tried and found promising were compounds of selenium, arsenic, antimony, and sulphur. Additional experiments relate to the copper and nickel plating of the molds. One entry indicates that Edison arrived at and named a standard \"8/4\"" selenium solution for cleaning record molds, consisting of 400cc of a 5 percent selenious acid in 8 gallons of distilled water. Edison noted that the \""only item interesting to science in these expts\"" was the fact that \""electro deposited selenium is a fairly good conductor.\"" Another notation indicates that Edison \""Wkd all Day Decoration day.\"" The electroplating experiments are continued in N-19-06-18. The front cover is labeled \""General Experiments No 1 Started May 28 1919.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 110 pages have been used."

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