N-19-06-18 (1919)



N-19-06-18 (1919)


This notebook was used by Edison during June-August 1919. The entries in the first half of the book are a continuation of the electroplating, electrolytic cleaning, and dip cleaning experiments in N-19-05-28. These experiments formed part of Edison\'s efforts to improve the commercial manufacturing processes involved in making disc records, which included attempts to reuse master matrices for making more generations of molds from one recording. The entries in the middle of the book pertain to a variety of subjects, including the recovery of nickel flake after cleaning storage batteries, experiments to reclaim nickel sulphate out of \"nickel iron mud\"" from waste water at factories, and additional experiments relative to disc record manufacture. One entry describes tests of a \""whirler\"" for removing water from disc records to dry them for varnishing. There is also an entry with a series of \""questions to ask a chemist.\"" The last part of the book describes experiments that began a \""campaign to produce a starting storage battery for Ford cars to beat the lead\"" batteries made by other manufacturers. These experiments indicate the convergence of Edison\'s work on battery and disc record manufacture in terms of electroplating. The experiments on a starter battery and electroplating are continued in N-19-08-26. The notes indicate that Adolph F. Gall, John McMullen, Walter H. Miller, Frederick P. Ott, and Ludwig F. (Louis) Ott assisted Edison. The front cover is labeled \""No 2 General Experiments June 17 1919.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 120 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.