N-19-11-04 (1919)



N-19-11-04 (1919)


This notebook was used by Edison during November-December 1919 for entries, some continued from N-19-10-06, pertaining to a variety of subjects. The notes at the beginning of the book relate to the formation of zinc and copper oxide plates for batteries, the motion of sound waves through long tubes for recording purposes, and the reduction of iron by hydrogen for use in storage battery pockets. There are also notes and drawings concerning diamonds used for phonograph recording and reproducing, including one entry bearing the notation \"up to date science applied to the Diamond grinding industry.\"" Some of the notes pertain to the electroplating and electrolytic cleaning processes involved in disc record manufacture. One entry lists the steps in the production of disc records, while another describes current practice for stripping the record molds. There are also recording experiments involving various placements of the funnel and variations in its length, along with experiments to find a substitute for the celluloid used in Edison Blue Amberol records. The entries toward the middle of the book relate to the regeneration of old storage batteries. Also included is a list of what to patent from research on a Ford automobile starter battery. In response to learning that an employee has been misreading the ratings of batteries being tested, Edison comments \""verily the Entrepreneur is up against the low mentality of the modern American young man.\"" He also notes that \""I am working all night to right other people\'s neglect.\"" The cover is labeled \""No 6 General Book Novembr 1919.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 60 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.