N-16-04-27 (1916)



N-16-04-27 (1916)


This notebook was used by Edison during April-May 1916 for notes on experiments to improve the manufacture of disc records. The entries describe a sequence of experiments numbered from 1000E to 1055E. Most relate to attempts to print music directly onto varnished record blanks without the usual intermediate transfer process. Included are tests involving different varnish compounds, variations in the number of coats and methods of applying the varnish, and differing amounts of pressure and baking schedules. Flaws and successful results are both noted, along with the title of the musical selection used in the tests. Many entries include a summary of acceptable and unacceptable prints. Several entries pertain to efforts to print on discarded blanks; others give the results of \"breaking tests\"" to determine the fragility of the test records. There are also references to blanks used to train workers learning to varnish or brush records. At the end of the book are calculations regarding the cost per record produced. Some notes are in the form of instructions to Sherwood T. (Sam) Moore, Archie D. Hoffman, or other employees. Additional notes on some of the experiments in this book can be found in N-16-04-26, Notebooks by Other Experimenters -- Phonograph Record Experiments -- Miscellaneous Disc Composition Books. The front and back covers are labeled \""No 11.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 150 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.