N-17-08-06.2 (1917-1918)



N-17-08-06.2 (1917-1918)


This notebook was used by William Walter Dinwiddie, Archie D. Hoffman, and possibly other experimenters during August 1917-March 1918 for notes on efforts to improve the surface quality of Edison disc records. There are occasional comments by Edison on the work performed. The entries pertain primarily to a sequence of experiments numbered from 1801E through 1896E. Most involve experimental lots of record blanks constructed by different methods or prepared with different ingredients, including wood flour purchased from various suppliers. Some of the experiments involve different varnish compounds and variations in the methods of applicaton. One note details the \"actual process of making varnish.\"" A few entries refer to \""Inspection\"" Books A and B (N-17-08-13 and N-17-08-31 [not selected] in Notebooks by Other Experimenters -- Phonograph Record Experiments -- Record Inspection Books). There are also references to \""Rice\'s book\"" (G. B. Rice Non-experimental Notebook, N-17-09-25 [not selected]) and to suggestions by Charles G. Kircher and an experimenter named Gray. The notes often take the form of instructions describing the experimental records wanted, accompanied by evaluations of the test records produced. The front and back covers are labeled \""25.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 160 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.