N-20-06-04 (1920)



N-20-06-04 (1920)


This notebook was used by Edison during June and July 1920. The entries pertain to the plating processes involved in the manufacture of disc records. Included are notes and drawings on a variety of electroplating experiments, among them trials with different plating solutions, plating equipment, current ratings, and methods. The experiments include attempts to design an anode for the copper plating molds and a mold holder. Additional experiments relate to the ingredients of the copper solution focused on the specific gravity and temperature. Also included are reports and calculations regarding record mold electroplating production schedules. In addition, there are detailed descriptions of production methods and work in the Graphiting, Plating, and Anode departments, along with a description of the procedure for receiving, storing, graphiting, and copper plating wax disc record masters. There are occasional notes about matters to be further investigated and suggestions about improvements or solutions to current problems. Beginning on page 124 is a list of fifty-two \"Things to be Inspected\"" during the course of production. The last page contains a list of \""repair work\"" to be done. The notes indicate that Edison was assisted by James M. Burns, Frank Detlef, Jr., John McMullen, Sherwood T. (Sam) Moore, Frederick P. Ott, and an experimenter named Stout (possibly Frank M. Stout). The front cover is labeled \""Disc Record\"" and \""Sub Plating No 1.\"" The book contains 134 numbered pages, some of which are blank, followed by 6 unnumbered pages of notes. Approximately 100 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.