N-20-06-07.1 (1920)



N-20-06-07.1 (1920)


This notebook was used during June-September 1920 by Edison, Walter N. Archer, John McMullen, and W. J. Taylor. The entries pertain to the plating processes involved in the manufacture of disc records. The early entries by Edison describe proposed experiments on the copper anode using discs composed of working mold discards with thick layers of nickel on them. Following these entries are tabular reports by Archer and Taylor listing the date and time, specific gravity, volts, amps, crock temperature, and the condition of the anode during plating in \"Bath 6\"" from June 7 through July 20. Notes, suggestions, and instructions by Edison are interspersed throughout the tables. These reports are followed by daily reports from \""Mac\"" (John McMullen) describing the percent of plated molds rejected for various reasons (for example, loose nickel or blisters) from July 26 through September 2. A table inserted into the book summarizes the daily results. At the end of the book are several pages of tabular forms without data (not selected). The front cover is labeled \""Mc Report 6.\"" The pages are unnumbered, and at least one page has been removed from the book. Approximately 150 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.