N-20-06-09 (1920)



N-20-06-09 (1920)


This notebook was used during June-August and November-December 1920 by Edison, Walter N. Archer, Irving Adelsohn, Frank Detlef, Jr., Howard F. Redford, and possibly other experimenters. The entries pertain to the plating processes involved in the manufacture of disc records. The entries on the first page are by Edison, and there are occasional Edison notations on other early entries. The first part of the book contains tabular reports by Archer that provide a daily record of molds plated in \"Bath 2\"" during June-July 1920. These tables are followed by records for Baths 1 and 2 for July-August. The second half of the book contains entries from November-December 1920 for experiments, numbered 1-50, that focus on improvements in the copper plating process, such as increasing the speed. These experiments are continued in N-20-06-08.2. Among the numerous items inserted into the book are instructions by Edison, notes exchanged between Edison and Archer, along with notes from Detlef and Adelsohn to Archer with results noted in the daily record. The front cover is labeled \""2\"" and is marked \""Disc Fast Plating #1 to #50 Exper Copper.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 125 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.