N-20-06-12.1 (1920)



N-20-06-12.1 (1920)


This notebook was used during June-August 1920 by Edison, Walter N. Archer, Frank Detlef, Jr., Howard F. Redford, and possibly other experimenters. The entries pertain to the plating processes involved in the manufacture of disc records. The early entries by Edison focus on attempts to copperplate with anodes made from nickel-Naced copper molds no longer needed for production. Following these entries are tabular reports of various molds plated in \"Bath 8\"" in June and July with information on the date and time, specific gravity, volts, amps, and other conditions during plating. There are occasional notes, suggestions, and instructions by Edison. The second part of the book relates to a series of experiments conducted by Archer in July and August in which rubber varnish was used for protection against copper depositing on the backs of the molds. There are occasional notations by experimenter Paul B. Kasakove, which he added to the book during the 1960s while working as an interpreter at the Edison National Historical Park. The front cover is labeled \""June 12-20-To July 31-20-\"" and is marked \""No 8.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 160 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.