N-15-05-04 (1915-1917, 1920)



N-15-05-04 (1915-1917, 1920)


This notebook was used during May 1915-August 1917 by George J. Werner. Also included is one entry stamped \"Dec 13 1920.\"" At the beginning of the book are lists of experimental recordings and kinetophone films made at the Alden Street Studio in West Orange, along with data about commercial stock on hand at the studio. Subsequent entries pertain to a series of duplication experiments, some described as \""for T.A.E.,\"" with various combinations of diaphragms, speakers, and horns. These include disc-to-disc, kineto-to-disc, cylinder-to-disc, disc-to-cylinder, and cylinder-to-cylinder. Also included are notes on a series of \""surface scratch\"" and \""long distance\"" recording experiments performed for Edison in 1917. Some of the long-distance experiments involved the recording of various sounds in and near the laboratory yard, possibly for use as motion picture sound effects. Other entries describe an experiment for William F. Nehr that varied the speed of the recording machine; an experiment in which a dictating machine was used to record telephone calls; and a series of experimental cylinder recordings prepared for the DeForest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Co. Entries from June 1915 list all disc masters made in the studio on the \""London Machine,\"" including one recorded for Mina Miller Edison. Also included are lists of master recordings made for language lessons, with notations regarding which reproducer horn, recorder horn, recorder, and speaker were used. Two notes by Edison, one to Werner and the other to Charles T. Dally, are pasted into the book. The names and addresses of several recording artists appear at the end of the book. The front cover is labeled \""I-C-S Lessons. Experiments on Duplication. Also Disc Masters Made in Studio on London Mach. [G] J Werner - Alden St. Studio, W. Orange N.J.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 50 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.