N-16-07-03.2 (1916, 1921)



N-16-07-03.2 (1916, 1921)


This notebook was used during July -October 1916 and January-May 1921 by Edison, Absalom M. Kennedy, George J. Werner, and possibly other experimenters for notes on experimental recordings. In the first part of the book, details of recording sessions from 1916 are provided by Kennedy and Werner. Some of these entries contain comments by Edison, while others mention Edison\'s verbal remarks or instructions. This section ends with an undated note from Edison to Walter H. Miller, head of the Recording Division. The second part of the book, containing entries by Werner from 1921, begins with the title page: \"Record of Recorders for Columbia St. Studio.\"" Included are detailed drawings of numbered recorders, along with notes indicating verbal comments by Edison. Inserted into the book are notes from 1914-1916, some by employee F. C. Burt, which were apparently removed from one or several notebooks, along with additional items from 1921. The front cover is labeled \""Record of Recorders For Columbia St. Studio. G.J. Werner.\"" The book contains approximately 50 unnumbered pages followed by 60 numbered pages. At least one page was removed from the book before the pages were numbered."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.