N-16-11-13 (1916-1917, 1921-1925)



N-16-11-13 (1916-1917, 1921-1925)


This notebook was used by E. Rowland Dawson during November 1916-Nebruary 1917 for notes on experimental recordings. The entries contain details of the recording sessions, including weather conditions, and numerous entries either quote or paraphrase Edison\'s comments and opinions. Also included are notes relating to voice trials for a sextet to be organized to make experimental recordings. Some of Dawson\'s comments indicate skepticism about the usefulness of these experiments. The notes indicate that William A. Hayes and Absalom M. Kennedy worked with Dawson on some of the recordings and recorders. The second part of the book [not selected] includes a list of disc prints from August-September 1921 and entries on pianos, harps, and other musical instruments used at the recording studios from 1922 to 1925. The label on the front cover is obscured by tape. The pages are unnumbered, and several pages have been removed from the front of the book. Approximately 60 pages have been used.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.