N-17-02-06.1 (1917)



N-17-02-06.1 (1917)


This notebook was used during February 1917 by Edison, E. Rowland Dawson, and Absalom M. Kennedy for notes pertaining to Edison\'s work for the U.S. Navy during World War I. Also included are notes on recording experiments similar to the material in N-16-11-13 and N-17-01-06, Notebooks by Edison and Other Experimenters -- Recorder and Recording Experiments -- Miscellaneous Books. The book has been used in both directions. Taped between the inside front cover and the flyleaf are two pages of notes by Dawson on submarine signaling. These are followed by notes by Edison and Kennedy on experimental recordings and recorder tests. Following the recorder tests are notes by Dawson on \"Submarine Night Visibility Tests\"" and on an \""Extension Ladder to Waste Baskets\"" for use aboard ship. At the other end of the book are several pages by Dawson regarding a visit, ordered by Edison, to a doctor in New York City for eye tests. These tests were undertaken in connection with the search for methods of keeping the pupils of rangefinder users dilated for more sensitive night vision. Additional information on these night vision tests can be found in N-17-01-20, Notebooks by Edison. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 30 pages have been used."



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Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Edison and Other Experimenters -- Navy and Wartime Research Experiments

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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.