N-14-06-02 (1914)



N-14-06-02 (1914)


This non-standard notebook, which covers the period May-October 1914, consists of approximately 70 pages of loose notes that were at one time fastened together. Most of the notes are by Edison and Harold H. Smith, chief of the Battery Research Department. There are also notes by James F. Monahan, superintendent of the Edison Storage Battery Co., and by employees Harry C. Leonard and Robert Saville. The material relates primarily to experiments aimed at the rejuvenation or regeneration of used battery components. These experiments were performed under Edison\'s direction on iron from old negative electrode \"pockets.\"" The pockets were often reconstructed with treated iron. The experiments are related to the work in N-14-04-26 and N-14-12-03, Notebooks by Edison.

Approximately 70 percent of the book has been selected. The selected material pertains to the experiments (identified by \""TAE\"" numbers ) performed under the direction of Edison. The unrelated tests at the beginning of the book (identified by \""Silver Lake\""numbers ) have not been selected."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.