N-88-01-19 (1888)



N-88-01-19 (1888)


This notebook covers the period January-May 1888. It is the first of 14 notebooks used by Arthur E. Kennelly to transcribe material from the rough record books utilized by the experimenters in the Galvanometer Room. The book contains notes, drawings, and tables regarding pyromagnetic induction, Edison-Lalande and pyrocarbon batteries, voltmeters and viscositometers, and other electrical experiments. Inserted into the book is a 10-page memorandum from Edison to Kennelly pertaining to an electromagnetic induction experiment. Among the experimenters whose work appears in this book are F. P. Bergh, Johannes H. Cuntz, Robert T. Lozier, Walter J. McConnell, and Osgood S. Wiley. At the end of the book can be found an index and a list of experiments with their assigned number. The front cover is labeled \"Record Book.\"" The spine is labeled \""84.\"" The book contains 89 numbered pages. There are also several unnumbered pages, some of which have graphs pasted onto them. At least one page has been removed from the book.

The index appears first.

Missing page numbers: 58-59."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.