N-88-02-01.1 (1888)



N-88-02-01.1 (1888)


This notebook covers the period February-April 1888. It was used by Osgood S. Wiley as a rough record book for Galvanometer Room experiments, including work on a pyromagnetic generator, the electroplating of copper with a non-conductor, and the electroplating of phonograph cylinders. Transcriptions of these records can be found in N-88-01-19. Inserted into the book are about 25 pages of loose notes, primarily regarding storage battery tests. Among the unbound material are 2 pages of instructions from Edison to \"John Wiley,\"" dated February 2, 1887, concerning the treatment of bamboo for filament experiments and the saturation of rope with tar for the Machine Works. Also included among the loose pages are experimental instructions from Arthur E. Kennelly, notes on obtaining zinc by electrolysis, and a few items relating to Wiley\'s personal affairs. The front cover is labeled \""Mr. Wiley.\"" The spine is labeled \""51.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 15 pages have been used.

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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.