N-91-11-24 (1891-1903)



N-91-11-24 (1891-1903)


This notebook covers the periods November 1891-September 1892, March-December 1894, June-December 1895, and May 1896-December 1897. There are also some entries from 1899 and 1902-03. It is the first of three extant books used by Albert and Charles Wurth for notes, drawings, tables, and calculations regarding phonograph experiments (see also N-97-12-15, Notebook Series; and \"List of Moulds and Catalogue Numbers,\"" National Phonograph Company Records, Company Records Series). Included are entries relating to the electroplating of phonograph cylinders to produce master recordings, along with lists of the sound recordings that were used. There are also notes and drawings of experimental recording apparatus. Some of the notes are in French.The front cover is labeled \""Rooms 5 13, 14, 29, 30. Chas Wurth Nov 4th[?] 1891.\"" Another label, partially torn, indicates that the book was used as an exhibit in American Graphophone Company v. National Phonograph Company, United States Circuit Court, District of New Jersey. The book contains 181 numbered pages and has been used in both directions.

The notebook pages appear in the following order: 5-165, 177-172, 178-181.

Blank pages: 156-163, 166-171.

Missing page numbers: 1-4."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.