N-13-03-18.2 (1913)


N-13-03-18.2 (1913)

This notebook was used by Leroy E. Briggs during March-May 1913 mainly for experiments relating to the development of Edison\'s home projecting kinetoscope. The initial entry describes formulas for a silvering solution for plating glass. The remainder of the book is primarily a daily log of Briggs\' work on the kinetoscope; the log is continued in N-13-05-22 [not selected]. Included are experiments aimed at adapting the incandescent lamp for use in the home kinetoscope. Other notes describe the work of Briggs and a machinist named Dennis on the development of an adjustable contact apparatus for the kinetoscope. There are also descriptions of new lamp holders and commutators. Some of the entries in the middle of the book contain data on endurance tests for General Electric bulbs that might be used in the kinetoscope. Other experiments involve the use a corrugated aluminum screen, reflectors, and various lens systems. In addition, there are experiments to make the telephone receiver in the kinetophone less bulky and better able to fit into a limited space. A series of entries toward the end of the book describes tests of a frictional microphone for train dispatching. Miller Reese Hutchison directed some of this work, and Briggs produced weekly reports for him. The results of some of the experiments were shown directly to Edison, who commented on them and sometimes gave additional instructions. The notes indicate that Briggs consulted or received instructions and assistance from Ernest J. Berggren, Adolph F. Gall, Zachariah P. Halpin, L. E. Hammond, Absalom M. Kennedy, William H. Meadowcroft, Henry J. S. Rudolf, and Carl H. Wilson. The cover is labeled \"Experiments with Lights, and Lenses in Home Kinetoscopes. Also Aluminum Screens. L.E. Briggs I March 18 to May 21, 1913.\"" The book contains 13 numbered pages followed by approximately 95 unnumbered pages."

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