N-13-04-20 (1913)



N-13-04-20 (1913)


This notebook was used by Absalom M. Kennedy in April 1913 as a record of experimental work on the kinetophone. Included is a description of the making of three complete kinetophone recording outfits—one for Europe, another for the laboratory, and a third for reserve. The entries provide extensive details about each outfit, including camera, synchronizer, storage batteries, recording machine, amplifying machine, shaving machine, and blanks. They also describe adjustments made on the basis of recommendations or testing. Some final entries contain data regarding tests of business phonographs and motors. Also included are entries pertaining to meetings of the \"kinetophone experimenters\"" and the tasks assigned to them. The notes indicate that Adolph F. Gall and George J. Werner were also doing kinetophone-related work and were consulted by Kennedy. There are tabs cut into the pages labeled \""Camera,\"" \""Recorder,\"" \""Amplifier,\"" \""Shaver,\"" and \""Miscellaneous.\"" The front cover and spine are each labeled \""Kinetophone Studio Outfits.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 50 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.