N-14-08-05 (1914)



N-14-08-05 (1914)


This notebook was used by Absalom M. Kennedy in August 1914 as a record of experimental work on the kinetophone. The early entries relate to experiments to determine how variations in speed and amplification affected the quality of the recording. Also included are notes on setting up scenery and making test exposures in order to determine the best focus and lens. In addition, there are tests of various screens and screen mounts, as well as new starting devices for the shaving machine motors. Several entries specifically indicate that the work was being done for Edison, while others mention experiments on stereoscopic photography performed for Charles Edison. Some of the entries are related to the experiments documented in Notebooks by Edison and Other Experimenters -- Recorder and Recording Experiments -- A. M. Kennedy Books. The notes indicate that L. E. Hammond, Daniel Higham, S. G. Langley, Charles W. Luhr, William O. Lyman, George J. Werner, and employees named Buchwald and Essner were involved in similar work on kinetophone recording. The front cover is labeled \"Daily Record of Kinetophone Experiments from Aug. 5-1914 to.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 35 pages have been used."



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Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Other Experimenters -- Kinetophone and Kinetoscope Experiments -- A. M. Kennedy Books

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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.