N-17-08-27 (1917)



N-17-08-27 (1917)


This notebook was used by Absalom M. Kennedy during August-October 1917 for notes on experimental work for the U.S. Navy performed under the direction of Edison during World War I. The entries relate to a series of experiments, numbered from 59 through 108, on submarine torpedo detection. The experiments at the beginning of the book, which contain extensive notations by Edison, involve the use of various combinations of transmitters and receivers to listen to torpedoes fired from the USS Emblane at Sag Harbor, Long Island. Information is provided regarding weather conditions, other vessels in the vicinity, and the time elapsing before the torpedo was first heard, as well as when its sound was the loudest and when it could no longer be heard. There are also experiments with microphones, receivers, torpedo floats, towing ropes, and containers conducted at Gardiners Bay, Greenport Harbor, and other Long Island locations. The notes indicate that Isidor (Jerry) Chesler, E. Rowland Dawson, and Sherwood T. (Sam) Moore assisted with the work. Inserted into the book are sixteen small pages pertaining to experiments 74-80.The front cover is labeled \"Experiments #5. From 8/27/17 to 10/9/17.\"" The pages are unnumbered. Some pages have been removed from the book, and several pages of drawings have been pasted into it. Approximately 125 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.