N-18-03-03 (1918-1919)



N-18-03-03 (1918-1919)


This notebook was used by Paul D. Payne during March-April 1918 and December 1918-Nebruary 1919 for notes on experimental work done for the U.S. Navy. Payne was a Naval lieutenant assigned to work with Edison during World War I. He was reassigned in March 1919 but worked again for Edison during the 1920s. The experiments in this book, some of which were conducted at the U.S. Naval Station in Key West, Florida, pertain to the development of an airplane stabilizer to suppress undesired pitching motions. The notes indicate that the work was done under Edison\'s supervision; some of the entries contain Payne\'s description of Edison\'s comments. The flyleaf bears the date of August 20, 1918. A two-page final report by Payne, dated March 19, 1919, has been inserted into the book. The book contains 60 numbered pages; pages 21-30 and 53-60 are blank.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.