N-14-05-19 (1914-1915)



N-14-05-19 (1914-1915)


This notebook was used by Ludwig F. (Louis) Ott during May 1914-Nebruary 1915 for notes on various chemical experiments. Included are experiments on paraphenylenediamine and Condensite for disc records and on nickel flake and nickel oxide for storage batteries. Other experiments relate to condensation experiments undertaken for Edison, the recovery of nickel flake and nickel oxide from old battery cells at the Edison Storage Battery Co., and the use of Condensite to replace celluloid on Blue Amberol records. In addition, there are notes pertaining to fireproof fabric for the kinetophone studio, dust-laying compounds for cement floors, and specifications for toluol from the British government. A few of the entries bear notations by Edison. The last page is an index to the experiments in the book. The index appears first. The front cover is labeled \"Note Book.\"" The book contains 160 numbered pages, some of which are blank."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.