N-15-10-12 (1915-1918)



N-15-10-12 (1915-1918)


This notebook was used by Ludwig F. (Louis) Ott during October 1915-September 1918 for notes on various chemical experiments relating to batteries, phonograph records, and motion picture film. Included are tests on the characteristics of various chemicals, such as tuluol, benzol, and phenol. Some of the experiments were done for Archie D. Hoffman or Sherwood T. (Sam) Moore and pertain to the development of disc records, particularly the varnish. Others relate to chemical work on the electrolyte for storage batteries. Also included are tests on Victor records to examine ingredients, experiments with acetone for the Motion Picture Division, and experiments with ink for use in marking the wax records for the business phonograph. Some of the entries include comments by Edison showing his interest in experiments for making smoke from gunpowder, as well as his supervision of Ott\'s work. A 3-page index appears at the end of the book. The index appears first. The front cover is marked \"Record.\"" The book contains 175 numbered pages, some of which are blank, followed by approximately 15 unnumbered pages"



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.