N-19-09-19 (1918-1920)



N-19-09-19 (1918-1920)


This notebook was used by Ludwig F. (Louis) Ott and an unidentified experimenter during September 1918-August 1920 for notes on various chemical experiments carried out by Ott. Most of the experiments relate to chemical solutions used in the manufacture of storage batteries. There are also a few entries regarding disc records. The notes at the beginning of the book pertain to the determination of iron oxide in nickel sulfate saturated solution. Some of these entries include brief comments by Edison. Subsequent entries involve experiments on a caustic soda solution of nickel sulfate using various chemicals to hold the nickel hydroxide in solution. A loose note from Ott to Edison has been inserted into the book. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 120 pages have been used.

Approximately one third of the book, including all of the entries with Edison notations, has been selected. Many of the unselected entries consist solely of calculations or data on test runs.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.