N-20-06-15 (1920-1924)



N-20-06-15 (1920-1924)


This notebook was used by Ludwig F. (Louis) Ott during June 1920-October 1922 for notes on various chemical experiments. There are a few additional entries from November 1924 at the end of the book. Most of the experiments relate to the ingredients used for plating disc records. Some of the entries mention Edison\'s role in conducting the experiments and his comments in regard to them. Included are tests on the solubility of various solutions and analyses of various plating baths. Also included is a list of chemicals used by Edison in an effort to find one that would remove the Condensite stain from the record molds. Several loose items, including a note from Edison to Ott, have been inserted into the book. A 3-page index appears at the end of the book. The index appears first. The front cover is labeled \"Note Book Ludwig F. Ott.\"" The book contains 191 numbered pages, some of which are blank. Pages 110-111 were removed from the book; other pages were removed before pagination."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.