N-13-08-02.1 (1913-1916)



N-13-08-02.1 (1913-1916)


This notebook was used by Harold H. Smith during August 1913, April-June 1915, and December 1916 for experimental notes on nickel flake, hydrate, and other battery components. Most of the entries deal with the daily control of flake, which generally varied between four and six ounces per cell. Some of the entries mention Edison\'s attention to the flake reports and his interest in the amount of flake in the cells. A note from May 6, 1915, indicates that initially Edison \"rigidly insisted upon flake not less than 4 mg per dump\"" but that the low limit was subsequently \""reduced over [Walter N.] Archer\'s protest to 3.4 mg.\"" Also included is an entry regarding a \""special test\"" that was performed on January 3, 1911. The notes indicate that Robert A. Bachman, Thomas D. Greenley, Ademor N. Petit, and employees named McClain and Reed were also involved in the work. The spine is labeled \""Report.\"" The pages are unnumbered, and the book has been used in both directions. Approximately 50 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.